Σε προσκαλούμε να διαβάσεις προσεκτικά την Πολιτική Απορρήτου μας, που ισχύει κάθε φορά που επισκέπτεσαι τον ιστότοπό μας, πλοηγείσαι σε αυτόν ή χρησιμοποιείς τις υπηρεσίες μας, ανεξαρτήτως από το εάν πραγματοποιείς κάποια αγορά. Σε παρακαλούμε επίσης να διαβάσεις τους Γενικούς Όρους Συναλλαγών του ιστότοπου μας, καθώς περιέχουν σημαντικές πληροφορίες σχετικά με το απόρρητο και τα συστήματα ασφαλείας που χρησιμοποιούνται από τον ιστότοπό μας. Η επιχείρηση είναι υπεύθυνη για τις αποφάσεις σχετικές με τους σκοπούς, τους τρόπους και τα μέσα που χρησιμοποιούνται για την επεξεργασία των προσωπικών σου δεδομένων καθώς και για την εφαρμογή των διαδικασιών ασφαλείας, σύμφωνα με το Νομοθετικό Διάταγμα της 30ης Ιουνίου 2003, αρ. 196 (Κώδικας περί προστασίας των προσωπικών δεδομένων). Η παρούσα Πολιτική Απορρήτου παρέχει όλες τις πληροφορίες για τη συλλογή και τη χρήση των στοιχείων που προσδιορίζουν την ταυτότητα των χρηστών. Δήλωση σύμφωνα με το άρθρο 13 του Νομοθετικού Διατάγματος 196/2003 Υπεύθυνος επεξεργασίας δεδομένων Υπεύθυνη για την επεξεργασία των δεδομένων που συλλέγονται μέσω του παρόντος ιστότοπου είναι η ατομική επιχείρηση. Ο Σαρρής Μιχάλης καθορίζει ανεξάρτητα τους σκοπούς και τις μεθόδους επεξεργασίας των δεδομένων καθώς και την εφαρμογή διαδικασιών ασφαλείας προκειμένου να διασφαλίσει την εμπιστευτικότητα, την ακεραιότητα και τη διαθεσιμότητα αυτών των δεδομένων. Προαιρετική ή υποχρεωτική παραχώρηση των προσωπικών δεδομένων The provision of your personal data, when requested in any of the cases where personal data is collected through the website, may be necessary to achieve the purposes specified in this statement or may be optional. The mandatory or optional nature of the data provision is indicated by an asterisk (*) next to personal data of a mandatory nature. If you refuse to grant the data marked as mandatory, it will be impossible to achieve the basic purpose of collecting the specific data, and may, for example, make it impossible to fulfill the sales contract or provide the other services available on The provision of additional data, beyond those marked as mandatory (such as the disclosure of your favorite designer), is optional and does not entail any consequences in relation to the main purposes of data collection. Your rights According to art.7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, you have the right, at any time, to request from Michael Sarris to confirm whether or not your personal data is being processed, even if you are not a registered user, as well as to communicate it to you in a legible form. You also have the right to request information on the origin of your personal data, the purpose and methods of processing applied to your personal data, the logic applied when electronic means are used to process the data, the full identity of the controller and of those who process the data, the names of the persons or categories of persons to whom the personal data may be transferred or who may have access to your personal data, and any other relevant information. All of this information is included in this Privacy Policy. Also, you can always request:
  1. update, correct and complete your personal data
  2. erasure, anonymisation or non-use of your personal data if they have been processed in breach of the law, including data that are not considered necessary for the purposes for which they were originally collected or subsequently processed.
  3. certification that the actions described in points (a) and (b) have been notified, including their content, to the persons to whom your data have been disclosed or disseminated, except in those cases where such certification is impossible or would require the use of means clearly disproportionate to the protected right.
In any case, you have the right to express your objection in whole or in part:
  1. to the processing of your personal data for legitimate reasons, even if they are compatible with the purpose of their collection
  2. the processing of your personal data for the purpose of sending promotional material or for direct marketing purposes or if they are used to conduct market research or commercial communication.
You are free to exercise your rights at any time by sending a written request. In order to ensure that your personal data is always accurate, up-to-date, relevant and complete, please inform us of any changes by e-mail. Summary of the Privacy Policy The principles on which our Privacy Policy is based are the following:
  1. processing of data exclusively for the purposes and according to the methods declared to users when collecting their data;
  2. use of data for purposes other than those stated at the time of collection only if the user has expressly consented to such use;
  3. transferring data to third parties only for the purposes strictly necessary to provide the service(s) requested and only under the supervision of a data controller. The data shall not be disclosed, assigned or transferred to third parties for the exclusive purposes of the third parties, unless the users have been informed beforehand and have given their consent
  4. satisfy all requests for cancellation, modification and completion of personal data as well as the request to object to the processing of data for the purpose of sending commercial information and advertisements
  5. ensuring that data processing is carried out correctly and lawfully, protecting the privacy of users and implementing appropriate measures to ensure security and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data provided by users.
How and why we process your personal data The processing of personal data is mainly carried out through computer systems and electronic devices. The specific purposes for which your personal data are processed are summarized in a statement that appears each time you provide your personal data, in accordance with Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. In general, the data are processed in order to provide the following services to those who visit our website:
  1. registration and use of services such as order tracking, our newsletter, as well as the possibility for our users to share their experiences with their friends who are registered on our website through their social network accounts
  2. placing orders and other related actions
  3. payment management, including anti-fraud controls for credit/debit card payments. (In this case, the data provided during the order process will be sent to the anti-fraud controller)
  4. managing your requests: requests of a technical nature, commercial nature, regarding the progress of your orders and requests for information of any kind.
  5. communication with our service managers
  6. sending, with your consent and for marketing purposes, commercial communication in various ways, both by electronic and information systems (e-mail, sms) and by traditional means (by post, telephone). We remind you that, as provided for by art. 130, comma 4, of Legislative Decree 196/2003, the data controller may use the data to send promotional e-mails for products and services similar to those already purchased, unless you object to the use of your data for this purpose.
  7. sending, with your consent, for profiling purposes in order to improve your browsing experience on the website and sending you promotional material that matches your interests. Please read the relevant Cookies Policy section below.
When processing personal data that may, directly or indirectly, identify you, we try to respect the principle of strict necessity. For this reason, we have designed our website to limit the use of your personal data to the absolute minimum: consequently, your personal data are not processed when the purpose of a specific action can be achieved by using anonymous data (such as market surveys aimed at improving services) or through other methods that make it possible to identify the person involved only if absolutely necessary or at the request of the authorities or the public authorities. Where the purpose of the processing of your data is different from the specific purpose for which you provided your personal data, it will be indicated in the declaration and the processing will only be carried out if you have expressly given your consent. There are, however, cases of data processing in which, according to the law, your consent is not required: for example, we would like to inform you that the controller may process your personal data without your consent if this is necessary to comply with the provisions of the law or whenever it is necessary to fulfil the obligations he/she has undertaken towards you. We also inform you that Art. 4, of Legislative Decree 196/2003 of the Code for the Protection of Personal Data provides that, without your express consent being necessary, it may use your data for direct sales of products similar to those you have already purchased and for market research, provided that you do not object to the use of the e-mail you have provided for this purpose. Finally, we would like to inform you that your personal data will not be transferred abroad to countries outside the European Union which do not provide an adequate level of privacy protection. If such transfer becomes necessary for the provision of our services or the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of our products, we would like to assure you that your personal data will not be transferred to countries outside the European Union which do not provide an adequate level of privacy protection unless specific contracts have been signed with such parties, which are in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The eshop manager may process personal data of third parties, which are directly disclosed by users, such as in the case where a user has purchased a product that will be delivered to a friend or in the case where the person who pays for the product is different from the recipient or when a user wishes to inform a friend about a service or an offer of sale of a specific product in In these cases, the person in charge will ensure that the third party is provided with the relevant declaration, as provided for in article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, when entering his/her personal data in the files. It is, however, your responsibility to obtain the consent of the person in question before disclosing his/her personal data and to inform him/her of this Privacy Policy, since you will be the only person responsible for the disclosure of information and data of third parties without their consent or in the event that the data in question are used in an illegal or irregular manner. Security measures We apply adequate security measures to reduce the risk of data destruction or loss – even accidentally – to a minimum, to prevent unauthorised access, unlawful processing and processing that is incompatible with the purposes of data collection as set out in our Privacy Policy. However, the controller cannot guarantee to its users that the security measures implemented to protect the site, the transmission of data and information on the site limit or exclude any risk of unauthorised access or data dissemination through users’ devices: we advise you to make sure that your computer is equipped with the appropriate software to protect the transmission of data on the network, both incoming and outgoing (such as with upgraded protection systems Every purchase is made in complete security thanks to the use of the most technologically advanced encryption systems (SSL). Links to other websites Our website contains deep links to other websites that may have nothing to do with us. We do not control or monitor these sites or their content. It is not responsible for the content of these sites and the rules they apply, even when it relates to your privacy and the processing of your personal data while you are browsing their pages. For this reason, we invite you to be careful when visiting these websites through links present on our website and to read their privacy policy and conditions of use very carefully. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to third party websites. Our website provides links to these websites solely for the purpose of making it easier for our users to research and navigate and to facilitate hyperlinks to other websites on the Internet. These links do not represent any kind of recommendation or promotion of access or navigation, or any warranty regarding their content or the services and products they may offer or sell to Internet users. Contact To find out your rights and stay informed about the legislation on the protection of personal data, we suggest you visit the website of the Data Protection Authority. Applicable law This Privacy Policy is governed by Greek law and, in particular, by the Code governing the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree no.196 of 30 June 2003) and regulates the management of personal data, including data stored abroad, which is carried out by any person residing or having a business establishment in Greece. The Code guarantees that the processing of personal data must be carried out with respect for the fundamental rights, freedoms and dignity of the individual, with particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to protection of personal data. Modifications and updates to the Privacy Policy It may modify or simply update this Website Privacy Policy, in part or in whole, even due to changes in the laws and regulations governing this matter and protecting your rights. Amendments and updates to the Privacy Policy will be communicated to users via the Home Page as soon as they are adopted and will be binding once published on the website. For this reason, we encourage you to visit this section frequently to read the most recent and updated version of this Privacy Policy. Cookies Policy What are cookies and what are they for? Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser and stored on your device when you visit a website such as this one. Cookies enable the proper functioning of the website and improve its performance, and also provide information to the website owner for statistical or advertising purposes, but mainly to personalize your browsing experience by storing your preferences (such as for example your chosen language and currency, or for the website to recognize you on your next visit, etc.). What kind of cookies do we use and for what purpose? Our website uses different types of cookies and similar technologies, with different functions, as shown below. Browsing cookies These cookies allow the website to work properly and enable it to be displayed on your device in your preferred language by identifying the country from which you chose to log in the first time you visit the website. If you are a registered user, these cookies recognise you by allowing you to access the services offered to our registered users. Browsing cookies are technical cookies and are necessary for the operation of the website. Functional cookies These cookies allow the website to recognise you, following a specific command from you (for example, if you click on “Remember me”), each time you visit the website, so that you do not have to enter your details to log in each time. If you have added products to your Cart and closed the session without completing your purchase and without removing the products from your Cart, these cookies allow you to continue shopping the next time you visit the site (within a limited period of time) by finding your selected products in your Cart. Functional cookies are not necessary for the operation of the website, but they improve the quality of your browsing experience on the website. Analysis cookies These cookies are used to process statistical analyses related to users’ browsing of our website. We process the results of these analyses anonymously and solely for statistical purposes, provided that the internet service provider uses the cookies in connection with the browser you use or any other device you use to browse our website. The website uses some third party services, which install their own cookies completely independently. First and Third Party Targeting or Advertising Cookies These cookies are used to profile users in order to send advertising messages based on their preferences during their visit to the website or to improve their browsing experience: during your browsing on our website these cookies are used to show you products that may be of interest to you or similar products to those you have already seen. Third-party cookies are cookies sent by trusted third-party companies that allow us to advertise our products on other partner websites (retargeting). In third party cookies we cannot control the information collected and we do not have access to this data. This information is entirely controlled by the third party companies in accordance with the terms and conditions of their privacy policies. Social Network Cookies These cookies are necessary for your social networks to interact with our website. They are used, for example, to share what you like with your friends in your social networks. Social network cookies are not necessary for browsing. How can I disable cookies and set my preferences? Most browsers are configured to accept, control and disable cookies through the settings. However, we would like to point out that disabling browsing or functional cookies may prevent our website from functioning properly and/or limit the services we offer.